Second CD Planned

Shoo the Moon has been working successfully as a Swing, Boogie & Blues band since 2016. All five members of our band are professional musicians with a love of all things music. We have a diverse history when it comes to the type of music we have focused on during our solo, duo or band careers but Shoo the Moon brings together everything we love the best.

Of course, as any band will tell you, creating our style of music takes more than just turning up and playing. We rehearse every weekend and weekdays are dedicated to writing music that we know our fans will enjoy as much as we like performing them. In fact, with our first CD featuring some of our own favourites being so well received, we are about to begin our second album in less than a year!

The next CD is currently being planned as a collection of music we have written individually, or with band partners but – who knows – some of our other favourites may find their way onto the tracks list. Planning the CD is very important to us and we won’t hurry the process, so this does mean we can also take time to continue with what we like best – performing in front of audiences who will, as we know from former gigs, get a great buzz from the very best that Swing, Boogie and Blues brings to any event.

Best wishes from Eileanora, Tap, Neil and Phil (and Dave if he’s not drumming somewhere around the world).