The Band

Shoo the Moon | line up

Eileanora Ni Charthaig | Piano & Vocals
Eileanora grew up in County Cork as part of a family and neighbourhood steeped in music . After university she decided to use her music skills as her ticket to travel and see the world. There followed some years of singing and touring as a solo artist playing piano in Portugal, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Egypt, Gabon and touring Germany with a stint in Berlin. Her tastes in music are very varied ranging from Jazz and Blues to Swing, Boogie Woogie and even Opera!

Tap Robinson | Guitar & Vocals
Tap hails from Dublin and remembers performing from a very early age. He has toured with various bands playing different music styles from Folk to Country and Rock & Roll. Being well known in the Irish Country music scene Tap has recorded on a regular basis both as a solo artist and as a session musician. His preferred musical genre is Western Swing and Boogie Woogie and he has been very instrumental in putting Shoo the Moon together as a band.

Neil Daniels | Saxophone, Harmonica & Vocals
Neil has been playing the harmonica since the age of twelve. Back in the 70s having seen some great bands at the local dance hall he was inspired to take up the bass guitar and form his first band. As a bassist he performed throughout the 80s & 90s with numerous line ups.
Nowadays his efforts are concentrated mainly on blues harp, saxophone and vocals.


Phil Green | Bass & Vocals
Phil has been playing the bass guitar from a young age playing all types of music . His audiences have been predominantly based in East Anglia playing everywhere from Holiday camps, to social clubs and pubs. Phil loves to play with a definite strong rhythmic bias setting down and holding a strong groove throughout the number.

Simon Smyth | Drums
Simon was taught to read music and orchestral percussion from the age of 8 until 16 then from 16 onwards he played in a whole host of diverse bands in clubs, pubs, holiday camps and theatres mainly across the East Anglian region. However, whilst he’s backed many fantastic musicians over the years he still thinks that supporting Tom Robinson (from the Tom Robinson Band) was a great experience as he’s a great live performer. Simon enjoys listening and playing just about all genera of music and especially enjoys music that engages the audience and gets them on their feet dancing!


Grab your dancing shoes and put your glad rags on
and take a trip to where it all began
Long before there was rock ‘n’ roll they were jumping out
on the old dance floor to Swing, Boogie ‘n’ Blues
We do it with a little twist: maybe you’ve heard the tune
We aim to keep you dancing until they Shoo the Moon