“This is an album that I hope will make you want to jive around the kitchen from the first bar. I feel so privileged to have been able to record with all the musicians in Shoo the Moon.

I would like however to pay a particular tribute to our drummer on the recording: Dave Jackson from Lincolnshire. Being a top session musician and travelling regularly, it isn’t possible for Dave to play with the band all the time but we all hold him in great esteem and thank him so much for sharing his talents with us on this recording. A true professional!

We would love some feedback so please use the form on contact us page and let us know what you think.“ - Eileanora

You can listen to clips from 3 tracks off the CD below.

  1. Rock that Boogie clip Shoo the Moon 0:34
  2. Red Tractor Boogie clip Shoo the Moon 0:33
  3. Got a Lot of Rhythm in my Soul clip Shoo the Moon 0:40

1. Rock that Boogie

(George Frayne / Billy Farlow)
Vocals: Tap Robinson, Neil Daniels, Phil Green & Eileanora Ni Charthaig
Arrangement: Shoo the Moon

2. Gotta Lot of Rhythm in My Soul

(Barbara Ann Vaughn / WS Stevenson)
Vocals & Arrangement: Eileanora Ni Charthaig

3 Choo Choo Ch'Boogie

(Denver Darling / Milt Gabler / Vaughn Horton)
Vocals & Arrangement: Neil Daniels

4. Red Tractor Boogie

(Eileanora Ni Charthaig)
Vocals Composition & Arrangement: Eileanora Ni Charthaig

5. Jeepers Creepers

(Harry Warren / Johnny Mercer)
Vocals & Arrangement: Tap Robinson

6. House of Blue Lights

(Don Raye / Freddie Slack)
Vocals: Eileanora Ni Charthaig
Arrangement: Shoo the Moon

7. Blue Train

(Tap Robinson)
Vocals Composition & Arrangement: Tap Robinson

8. Sea Cruise

(Huey 'Piano' Smith)
Vocals: Eileanora Ni Charthaig
Arrangement: Shoo the Moon

9. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor

(Tex Atchison / Scotty Harrell / Eddie Hazelwood)
Vocals & Arrangement: Tap Robinson

10. Why Get Up

(Bill Carter / Ruth Ellsworth)
Vocals & Arrangement:Neil Daniels