Recent Photo Shoot was a Blast

Shoo the Moon

It’s always great to see how well our music is received by guests at major events and, of course, many take the opportunity to dress up in their era wardrobes so they really participate in a way that isn’t often available.  It is such a treat to see the women with hair and makeup from ‘the day’ and of course the men look fantastic when they are sporting the gents’ fashion from the 40s, 50s, or 60s.

When the people are dancing and enjoying our special mix of Swing, Blues and Boogie, it is easy to imagine the clock has turned back time. What’s really interesting from our stage perspective is seeing today’s youngsters joining the older generations, and finding out how our music makes you  FEEL as well as sounds.

Just recently, the four ‘regular’ members of Shoo the Moon – myself, Tap, Neil and Phil – had a blast of a day with photographer Wendy.  For me, it was an eye-opener as I was expertly made up and coiffured into the style most associated with the music we play every day.

The guys also got the treatment (but without the makeup!) and, boy, did they y look the part or what!

The photos just prove the point that when something is outstanding, as the eras that generated the styles and sounds associated with Swing, Boogie and Blues were when you physically change your appearance you get an extra buzz out of it.

We’ll be adding a gallery of the photos is here on our website soon. We would also love to receive your photos if you, like us, love to add the look to the sounds.

See you soon, Eileanora.

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